Fiteracy posters

Fiteracy is an anagram that describes ‘Cambournes conditions of learning’, and just how we can incorporate learning into our day to day lives with our children. The simplest of things can be used in such a wide variety of ways to learn that its quite astounding.

For example, you may see a lizard, this experience can easily be turned into an exercise in fascination. What colour is it? Can you count the legs? Look at his toes- look at your toes, how many are there? How does he move? Can you move like that? Lets draw a lizard. Lets write the word lizard as well (drawing and writing are very closely related).

There are so many simple day to day things that can be used to help your child love learning and literacy.

So here are my posters, describing Fiteracy.


     jo_FIT POSTER 1_F_web_2015 jo_FIT POSTER 2_I_web_2015 Jo_FIT POSTER 3_T_web_2015 jo_FIT POSTER 4_E_web_2015 jo_FIT POSTER 5_R_web_2015 jo_FIT POSTER 6_A_web_2015 jo_FIT POSTER 7_C_web_2015 jo_FIT POSTER 8_Y-web_2015

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