Please fill out either the Adult, child or family registration forms that can be found under the ‘register’ drop down in the menu setting, or find links below.

These forms include general contact details as well as a brief medical questionnaire to establish you and your child’s readiness to take part in the physical activities required of Little BIG fitness.

If you have any queries or need to answer positive to one or more of these questions, you can either contact Jo via the contact form, or fill out an individual form for that person/ child rather than the family form.

Our programs can be tailored to accommodate individual needs, so do not be concerned that you or your child may not be able to participate, we will do our utmost to make sure that everyone has equal opportunity to join in.

We at all times strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for all our little BIG fitness clients.

Find the Family Registration form here

Find the Adult Registration form (individual) here

Find the Child Registration form (individual) here


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